Baby’s First Blog Post

Hi there!

I started a blog as a grad student as part of a class assignment. Since then I’ve received my MLIS degree with a concentration in children’s and youth services. So I’ve decided to continue blogging but instead of being an aspiring librarian, I’m going to post tales of my story times and programs and displays as a real life living, breathing Children’s Librarian!

I wanted to record my story time itineraries and ideas in one comprehensive place for myself and for anyone else who needs ideas! Librarian blogs helped me immensely in my first few months as a newly minted Children’s Librarian and I’d love to return the favor.

I’ll start by posting my most recent story times and then doing some throw backs to story times, events, displays, and other things I’ve done over the past year. Let’s have some fun!

A library book, I imagine, is a happy book.
–Cornelia Funke

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