Welcome to Thunderdome aka The Train Table


Does your library have a train table? We do. And it’s full of drama. And we don’t have those cheap little plastic trains. Oh no. We’re geniuses and we have the big heavy wood and metal trains. The ones that cause physical harm. There have been knock down drag out fights over a particular train (usually Thomas). Tears have been shed if a child mistakenly (or on purpose) takes someone else’s train. We’ve had train cars disappear in pants pockets only to be returned (sheepishly) by parents.

Even with the drama, I can’t imagine our library without it. The kids absolutely love it. The toddlers cling to the table and watch the big kids. The big kids make choo choo sounds and see who can build the longest train. I’ve seen conflict but I’ve also seen teamwork and laughter and friendly competition. I love things like this that show patrons the library isn’t just books and that playing, just as much as reading, aids in the development of children.

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