October Passive Programs

We like to have at least one passive program going on. This month we have two! After a Pinterest search, I decided our first passive program would be a candy quiz. Appropriate for the month of October, right?



I’d heard of and seen candy quizzes before but I figured it might be a new concept for the kids. I got the idea for the answer sheet here. I didn’t get the images from one site but instead did a Google image search for each one. Kid will turn in their answers and the one with the most correct guesses will win a book at the end of the month! (If there are two or more with the same number of correct responses we’ll draw a winner.)

Our other passive program is an I-Spy bottle:


I got the initial idea for the Halloween theme here.


I bought the plastic rings and pencil erasers at our local Dollar Tree but I found the other stuff in the supply closet or rummaging through desk drawers. The die (I refer to it as dice even though there’s only one since die out of context didn’t make much sense) was my best find I think!

And there you have it. October passive programs!

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