Alphabet Book

Alphabet Book: A

My friend on Facebook posted a picture of her son’s Alphabet Book that he made in preschool and I thought it was such a cute, clever idea! I searched Pinterest and found out it was not such an original idea and preschools and homeschoolers have been doing this for awhile.

We decided to start this as a passive program at the library. Every two weeks we set out supplies for a new letter and by the end of the year, the kids will have a complete Alphabet Book! If they miss a week due to illness or vacation, we’re keeping the materials behind the children’s desk so they can ask anyone sitting here for the supplies.

We’re calling the program Annual ABCs. Here’s A!


My alligator A is very similar to the idea I found on the website From ABCs to ACTs. Here’s the link to her uppercase letter A (she has all the lowercase letters too!).

We set out all of the materials, glue, and some crayons in case anyone wants to add color details to their alligator:



My example is hanging on the wall. You can also see the sign I have posted with instructions for the craft in addition to the sign we have advertising the program as a whole.

We started with 19 A’s since we didn’t know how much interest there would be in the project but we’ve had a great response and have had to cut out 55 A’s so far to keep up with demand. Yay!

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