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Snowmen Story Time (Saturday)

We decided to start a Saturday story time this year for working moms and dads who might not be able to take their little ones during the week. We advertised the story time for ages 2-5. I had 19 attendees for our first session so it was a successful start!

Welcome Song: Hands Go Up and Hands Go Down
(to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Hands go up and hands go down
I can turn around and round
I can hop upon two shoes
I can listen so can you
I can sit, I’ll show you how
Story time is starting now

Song: Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon
Zoom zoom zoom, we’re going to the moon
Zoom zoom zoom, we’re going to the moon
If you want to take a trip, climb aboard my rocket ship
Zoom zoom zoom, we’re going to the moon
In 5-4-3-2-1

Book: Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner; illustrated by Mark Buehner


Song: When Cow Wakes Up in the Morning
When cow wakes up in the morning,
He always says hello.
When cow wakes up in the morning,
He always says hello.
And what does the cow say?
That is what he says.
Adapted from Jbrary

I made card stock paddles to go along with this song:


The kids really seemed to like this one so we’ll definitely be making it a regular addition to Saturday story time.

Song: Song cube (I’m a Little Teapot)

Song: Song cube (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Wiggle: Dance Your Fingers Up
Dance your fingers up,
Dance your fingers down.
Dance them to the side,
And dance them all around.
Dance them on your shoulders,
Dance them on your head.
Dance them on your tummy,
And put them all to bed.
Source: King County Library System

Book: All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle; illustrated by Barbara Lavallee


I think I messed up the reading of the start of this book. It was supposed to rhyme but I didn’t get the rhythm until a few pages in. *sigh* I hate when that happens …

Flannel: Five Little Snowmen
Five little snowmen (hold up five fingers)
Standing in a row
Each with a hat (touch head)
And a big, red bow! (tie bow under chin)
Out came the sun (hold arms over head)
And it stayed all day
And one little snowman
Melted away (arms bend down)
Four // Three // Two // One
Adapted from Sunflower Storytime

This flannel was kind of a disaster. I didn’t realize the flannel snowmen I made should have had HATS according to the rhyme (they didn’t). AND I didn’t put them on the flannel board in a row. So there were a couple mistakes. Time got away from me this morning and all of a sudden it was 10:30 (we open at 10 on Saturdays) and I didn’t get a chance to review my itinerary and I really felt it. I could have easily substituted a snowflake flannel for our purposes. Live and learn …

Egg Shakers: Shake It by Sally’s Music Circle

Song: Snow on the Rooftops (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
Snow on the rooftops (make pointed roof shape with arms)
Snow on the trees (hold arms out like tree branches)
Snow on the green grass (wave hands over the ground like you’re touching grass)
And snow on me! (point to self)

Snow on my mittens (hold up hands; wiggle fingers)
Snow on my nose (touch nose)
Snow on my head (touch head)
And snow on my toes (touch toes)

Twirling, swirling, whirling down (spin in circle)
Down and down and down and down (bring hands down and touch the ground)
Source: Sunflower Storytime

Book: 100 Snowmen by Jen Arena; illustrated by Stephen Gilpin

100 snowmen.jpg

Flannel/Song: Alice the Camel
Alice the Camel has five humps
Alice the Camel has five humps
Alice the Camel has five humps
So go Alice go
Four // Three // Two // One
Alice the Camel has no humps
Alice the Camel has no humps
Alice the Camel has no humps
‘Cause Alice is a horse

Goodbye Song: We Wave Goodbye Like This (to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell)
We wave goodbye like this.
We wave goodbye like this.
We clap our hands for all our friends.
We wave goodbye like this.

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