story time

Color Story Time

Welcome Song: Hands Go Up and Hands Go Down
(to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
Hands go up and hands go down
I can turn around and round
I can hop upon two shoes
I can listen so can you
I can sit, I’ll show you how
Story time is starting now

Song: This Old Man
This old man,
He played one, (hold up one finger)
He played knick knack on my thumb.
With a knick knack (slap knees)
paddy wack (clap hands)
give a dog a bone, (hand jive)
This old man came rolling home. (roll hands)
Two … on my shoe // Three … on my knee // Four .. on the floor // Five … on the hive

Book: The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt; illustrated by Oliver Jeffers


Action Rhyme: Color Rhyme
If your clothes have any red,
put your finger on your head.
If your clothes have any blue,
put your finger on your shoe.
If your clothes have any green,
wave your hand so that you’re seen.
If your clothes have any yellow,
smile like a happy fellow.
If your clothes have any brown,
turn your smile into a frown.
If your clothes have any black,
put your hands behind your back.
If your clothes have any white,
stomp your feet with all your might!
Source: SurLaLune Storytime

Song: Song cube (Itsy, Bitsy Spider)

We didn’t talk about trains during our transportation story time last week (we have a separate train story time) and one of the boys was a little disappointed and requested a train song for this week. Turns out, he wasn’t at story time today! But we sang it anyway:

Song: Down by the Station
Down by the station,
Early in the morning (hold arms overhead for sun)
See the little pufferbellies all in a row. (hands over eyes)
See the station master turn his little handle. (turn handle)
Puff, puff, (slap knees)
Toot, toot, (pull train whistle)
Off we go!

Song: Baby Shark
Baby shark do do do do do do (shark mouth with two fingers)
Baby shark do do do do do do
Baby shark do do do do do do
Baby shark

Other verses:
Mama Shark (shark mouth with hands connected at the wrists)
Daddy Shark (shark mouth with whole arms)
Grandma Shark (shark mouth like mama shark but with fists)
Shark attack (snap arms overhead)
Swim away (swimming motion with arms)
Safe at last (jazz hands)
Source: Adapted from Kindergarten Nation

Book: Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd


Song: Where is Blue Sheep? (to the tune of Where is Thumbkin?)
Where is blue sheep?
Where is blue sheep?
Here I am, here I am
How are you today, sir?
Very well I thank you.
Run away, run away.
Adapted from Librarian Lisa’s Storytime

I was out sick on Wednesday last week when I was going to make the color faces seen on Librarian Lisa’s blog. So I improvised and found colored sheep popsicle sticks in our story time supplies (that I didn’t make). We did green, red and blue.

Egg Shakers: Shake It by Sally’s Music Circle

Song: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue (to the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)
Red, yellow, green and blue (slap knees)
Green and blue
Red, yellow, green and blue
Green and blue
I see colors, how about you? (point using both hands)
Red, yellow, green and blue
Green and blue

Book: Blue Goose by Nancy Tafuri

blue goose.jpg

I was lucky with this group. They got the concept of mixing the colors together and some even knew what new color they would make without looking at the page. Last time I did a color story time, I wasn’t so lucky and got a lot of blank looks.

Song: Snow on the Rooftops (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
Snow on the rooftops (make pointed roof shape with arms)
Snow on the trees (hold arms out like tree branches)
Snow on the green grass (wave hands over the ground like you’re touching grass)
And snow on me! (point to self)

Snow on my mittens (hold up hands; wiggle fingers)
Snow on my nose (touch nose)
Snow on my head (touch head)
And snow on my toes (touch toes)

Twirling, swirling, whirling down (spin in circle)
Down and down and down and down (bring hands down and touch the ground)
Source: Sunflower Storytime

I need to find a new closing song. I wasn’t expecting the weather to warm up so quickly!!

Song: Song cube (I’m a Little Teapot)

I had to make a rule this week that only Miss Elena is allowed to touch the song cube. The kids love to retrieve it and hand it back to me but it was starting to cause some bumps and bruises from the heavy competition …

Goodbye Song: We Wave Goodbye Like This (to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell)
We wave goodbye like this.
We wave goodbye like this.
We clap our hands for all our friends.
We wave goodbye like this.

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