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Train & Fish & Beach & Dinosaur Story Time (Outreach)

Welcome Song: Clap and Sing Hello (to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell)
We clap and sing hello,
We clap and sing hello,
With our friends at story time,
We clap and sing hello!
We wave and sing hello // We stomp and sing hello
Source: Storytime Katie

Song: The Wheels on the Bus
The wheels on the bus go round and round
Round and round, round and round
The wheels on the bus round and round
All through the town

The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish //
The horn on the bus goes beep, beep, beep //
The doors on the bus go open and shut //
The driver on the bus goes move it on back //
The people on the bus go up and down //
The babies on the bus go wah, wah, wah //
The people on the bus go shh, shh, shh

Book: The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper; illustrated by Loren Long

the little engine that could.jpg

I was hesitant to read this one because it’s kind of old fashioned. I shouldn’t have worried. Books are classics for a reason!

Song: Row Row Row Your Boat
I do three verses of this classic:
Row row row your boat (the traditional way) //
Rock rock rock your boat, sway from side to side
Merrily merrily merrily merrily what a bumpy ride (bump hands on lap) //
Row row row your boat, gently down the stream
If you see a crocodile (crocodile snap with arms)
Don’t forget to scream (*AH*)

Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Itsy Bitsy Spider (sung normally)
Teeny Weeny Spider (sung in falsetto)
Great Big Hairy Spider (sung deeply)

Flannel/Song: This Little Train (to the tune of This Old Man)
This little train, painted black,
It comes chugging down the track.
With a choo-choo, toot toot,
Hear the whistle blow.
This little train goes chugging home.

This little car, painted blue,
It has seats for me and you //
This little car, painted yellow,
Shimmies and shakes like a bowl of Jell-O //
This little car, painted gree,
The fanciest car you’ve ever seen //
This caboose, it is red,
It will take you home to bed
Source: Storytime Katie

I found this rhyme and thought it was cute but singing it aloud was odd because it doesn’t rhyme! In my head it sounded fine but sounded clunky out loud. I might try it at our upcoming pre-K train story time and see how it goes before retiring it completely …

Book: Duck & Goose Go to the Beach by Tad Hills

duck and goose

Action Rhyme: A Day at the Beach
Ocean breeze blowing (sway arms back and forth overhead)
Feet kick and splash (kick feet)
Ocean waves breaking on rocks with a CRASH! (clap hands)
Boy finding seashells, (pretend to pick up shells)
Girls sifting sand, (pour sand between fingers)
Friends building castles as high as they can! (reach up high)
Source: Perry Public Library

Book: The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen; illustrated by Dan Hanna

pout pout

Song: Slippery Fish
Slippery fish, slippery fish, (scrape hands together back and forth)
Swimming in the ocean.
Slippery fish, slippery fish,
Glub, glub, glub.
Oh no!
The slippery fish was eaten by —

A tuna fish, a tuna fish // (hold hands like a diamond, open and close ‘mouth’)
An octopus, an octopus // (wiggle waggle arms at sides)
A great white shark, a great white shark // (arms snap up and down)

A humongous whale, a humongous whale, (hands on hips, sway back and forth)
Swimming in the ocean.
A humongous whale, a humongous whale,
Glub, glub, glub.
Oh no!
The humongous whale was eaten by a kid. …
Was it you?? (point to kid)
Source: Laptime Songs

Wiggle Rhyme: Watch Out for the Bugs (to the tune of Jingle Bells)
Clap your hands, stomp your feet
Wiggle all around
Throw your hands up in the air and now let’s touch the ground
Touch your head, touch your hips, give yourself a hug
Now sit down upon the floor
But watch out for the bugs!! (stamp out the bugs)

Song: Baby Shark
Baby shark do do do do do do (shark mouth with two fingers)
Baby shark do do do do do do
Baby shark do do do do do do
Baby shark

Other verses:
Mama Shark (shark mouth with hands connected at the wrists)
Daddy Shark (shark mouth with whole arms)
Grandma Shark (shark mouth like mama shark but with fists)
Shark attack (snap arms overhead)
Swim away (swimming motion with arms)
Safe at last (jazz hands)
Source: Adapted from Kindergarten Nation

Egg Shakers: Shake It by Sally’s Music Circle

Book: The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur by Richard Byrne


Closing Song: It’s Time to Say Goodbye to All Our Friends (to the tune of She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain When She Comes)
It’s time to say goodbye to Miss Elena, “Goodbye!” (tap knees)
It’s time to say goodbye to Miss Elena, “Goodbye!”
It’s time to say goodbye,
Wave your hands and wink your eye, (wave, wink)
Now it’s time to say goodbye to Miss Elena, “Goodbye!”
Modified from Sunflower Storytime

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