Special Events

Creative Kids Art Club — Session III

Today we discussed Georgia O’Keeffe.

Book: My Name is Georgia by Jeanette Winter

my name is georgia.jpg

Here’s the slide show I created for Georgia:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For this session our project was making our own watercolor. I painted a flower but the kids were encouraged to paint whatever they wanted. I had a few desert scenes and even a bunny rabbit!

I bought watercolor paper for the kids to use (a whole pad was about $3!) and we bought paint sets from Oriental Trading. (I wouldn’t recommend these sets, the little paint dots popped out of their holes. I’m sure there are better quality paints available somewhere else for a similar price.) I also supplied pencils in case anyone wanted to sketch out their painting ahead of time.

Here’s my (unfinished) example:

georgia o'keeffe example.jpg

I thought I’d have time to finish up my painting with the kids but I had 22 people attend the session and I was too busy helping (and cleaning up paint messes!) to have much time for myself. Never a bad thing!

Next session, Henri Matisse!

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