Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

Ready, Set, Kindergarten! — Alphabet Tubs

I’m starting a kindergarten readiness program in January and we’ll be doing a lot of letter recognition activities. As I was scouring Pinterest for ideas, I came across these amazing alphabet tubs from Lakeshore. Awesome, right?

But did you check out that PRICE???

Not happening. So I decided to create my own!

I found these tubs at Dollar Tree, two for $1! So I bought 13.

alphabet tub.jpg

I created labels for the tubs in Canva:

tub labels.jpg

And I raided Dollar Tree for stuff to fill them with.

I found these amazing plastic fruits/veggies:

more dollar store items.jpg

And erasers, bath toys, and party favors:

Dollar Store items.jpg

The best part was each of the above items were $1 but I was able to use pieces for multiple tubs!

And I’d been searching for some way to get the upper and lowercase letters into each tub. I thought about alphabet magnets but they were expensive. So I gasped out loud when I found these foam alphabet puzzles at Dollar Tree!! They’re perfect.

foam alphabet puzzles.jpg

Then I went searching our shelves for things to add. For instance, I found these cars/spoons/keys from when we had a magnet program.

miscellaneous items

I added rubber bands and paper clips; pieces of ribbon and yarn; pencils; even a web I found in our Lego boxes!

completed tubs

Here are the labeled tubs. I’ll post each letter’s items individually when I discuss the Ready, Set, Kindergarten! program and how we’ll be using them at each session! 😀

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