Special Events

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party

Our local school district has off this entire week so we knew we wanted to have a program that families could come to and get a break from the house (and, let’s face it, from each other).

I threw this party in the old space but when we moved into the new building, I knew I wanted to try it again. At the old space we were crammed into a teeny, tiny room looking at a teeny, tiny screen. In our new meeting room we had plenty of room to spread out and a giant screen to watch the movie on. Much better!

The plan for this party was super simple. Show the movie, provide snacks, do a craft. Done. 

I set up craft tables before anyone got there. The kids sat in the little pit in the middle. Some of the adults sat on the floor with the kids but most of them sat at the tables and read or played on their phones. In this case, I didn’t mind. Let’s not open THAT can of worms and discuss parents and caregivers that do that at storytime …

Of course, we served all the snacks the kids eat in the movie. Popcorn, pretzels, jelly beans, and toast. Although, our toast was cinnamon toast cereal. I was not about to toast and butter 50 pieces of bread. 🙂 Some of the kids didn’t realize that their snack was based on the movie and when that part came on it got a big gasp of surprise and laughter. So cute.

When the movie was over we set out half sheets of white construction paper, googly eyes, glue sticks, turkey shapes, and pre-cut leaves. (We have a die cutting machine for the leaves, thank goodness!)

We also set out scraps of orange construction paper and scissors so kids could make their own turkey beaks. I got the idea for the turkeys here.

I also sent the kids home with a color by letter turkey:

I found this guy here. I thought it would be good for older and younger kids. Anything to keep them occupied this week! We got about 75 people. I think everyone had a great time and as far as large events go, it took minimal prep and planning. Perfect for a short holiday week!

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