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Space Craft — Second Session — Aliens & UFOs

This is a little #latergram but I still wanted to include it!

I thought it would be fun to introduce the kids to aliens, UFOs, and conspiracy theories. 🙂 I started off with a PowerPoint presentation:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then it was time to make our craft:


I found this idea on Green Kid Crafts.

The first thing we did was paint a paper plate black or blue (the kids could choose — some chose both!) for our night sky. I wanted to give them the chance to dry while we did the rest of our craft.

After we painted our paper plates, I passed out pencils and card stock and we drew an alien using instructions I found on Art for Kids Hub.

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When we were done drawing our aliens, I had the kids color them with markers and cut them out. Then I passed out more card stock and the kids made a planet to go with their alien. Then they cut that out too.

By this time the plates had dried enough so we brushed on glitter glue (found at Dollar Tree) and glued on our alien and planet. Then I passed out a paper plate with the middle cut out (just the ring) and we covered them with aluminum foil. This took a little adult assistance but in the end they all came together.

Then I came around with a stapler and attached the bottom plate to the aluminum paper plate ring and voila — a spaceship porthole!

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