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Magic Tree House Book Club — Dinosaurs Before Dark

Welcome to our first ever Magic Tree House Book Club!

dinosaurs before dark

I had originally planned to open our club by reading chapters 1-5 of Dinosaurs Before Dark but I only had a few kids attend (it was SO nice outside today!) so I amended my original plan slightly. After reading chapters 1-3 we made our medallions.


I got this idea from Magic Tree House Book Club. The kids decorated a white circle of card stock with their initial and then glued it to their gold “medallion.” The sticker letters were leftover from a homemade Father’s Day project my son and I made a couple years ago. I got the sparkly gold paper from Dollar Tree. The paper was very thin and curled a bit but it spent a week flattening in a book in my desk and once the card stock was attached, it worked all right. Not perfect, but all right. I’d recommend a sturdier glitter paper (scrapbook paper from a craft store would probably work) if you recreate this craft!


Then we punched a hole in each one, looped yarn through, and the kids (and I!) wore them for the rest of the program.


Next it was on to dinosaur dioramas.


Well, maybe not “dioramas” per se but dinosaur scenes. I bought brown, blue, and green shredded paper at Dollar Tree to serve as dirt, water, and grass, respectively.


Each kid got outlines of dinosaurs printed on card stock to color/decorate. Then they cut them out and glued them to their scene. I set out pom poms, bingo dotters, and foam shapes for decoration.


When we were done each kid got a passport with that session’s “stamp.”



I got the passport idea from Stories by Storie. I’m hoping I’ll have repeat kids who will fill up their whole passport! We only have four sessions scheduled right now but we’ll see how attendance goes the rest of the month. I wouldn’t doing the whole series with the kids!

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