Retro Crafternoon (Teen)

I wanted to do an easy drop-in event for my teens so I decided on a “retro” crafternoon.

First up were perler or pixel beads. I love love love these. And I had a great time creating a Boba Fett for my husband. 🙂


I bought this book on Amazon to give the kids some pattern choices. Of course, there are PLENTY online (which is where I found the Boba Fett pattern). The library already owned an iron and tons of plastic boards and beads so we were all set there.


Next up were shrinky dinks. I bought both blank pages and pre-printed image pages. We used colored pencils and I brought in my own toaster oven for the teens to use which worked perfectly. I set it to 350 degrees and it only took seconds for the dinks to shrink. I brought home a t-rex for my little guy and now he wants to make his own shrinky dink.


And finally, friendship bracelets, of course. I bought a huge kit of string on Amazon, borrowed a couple friendship bracelet pattern books from our collection, and we were all set.


So there you have it. A relaxing drop-in program for teens. So fun!

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