story time

Halloween Story Time (OUTREACH 2021)

Welcome Song: Clap and Sing Hello (to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell)
We clap and sing hello,
We clap and sing hello,
With our friends at story time,
We clap and sing hello!

We tap and sing hello (tap knees) //
We stretch and sing hello (stretch arms up) //
We wave and sing hello (wave)
Source: Storytime Katie

Song: The Wheels on the Bus

Book: Creepy Pair of Underwear! by Aaron Reynolds; pictures by Peter Brown (pre-K)

Jasper Rabbit begs his mother for a pair of day-glo, creepy underwear. But when he goes to sleep, they have a ghoulish, greenish glow … Jasper tries everything to think of to get rid of them. He puts them in a drawer, he buries them, he shreds them. But they always come back! How can he make them disappear?

Book: Little Blue Truck’s Halloween by Alice Schertle; illustrated by Jill McElmurry (toddlers)

This was a huge hit! I mean, add Halloween and farm animal noises and toddlers go crazy. Highly recommended!

Rhyme: Five Little Pumpkins
Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.
First one said, “It’s getting late.”
Second one said, “There are witches in the air!”
Third one said, “But we don’t care.”
Fourth one said, “Let’s run, run, run!”
Fifth one said, “Let’s have some fun!”

Then whoooooooooooo went the wind,
And OUT went the lights … (clap)

And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight! (roll hands)
Source: DLTK

I wish I was able to bring a felt board with me. It makes this rhyme so much better. We held up fingers but it definitely wasn’t the same.

Song: Itsy, Bitsy Spider

Book: Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson; illustrated by Axel Scheffler (pre-K)

Darling rhyming book about a witch who is saved from a dragon by her broomstick companions. I believe there is a cartoon short on Netflix so some of the kids are familiar with it.

Song: The Witch on the Broom (to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus)
The witch on the broom goes hee, hee, hee,
Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee,
The witch on the broom goes hee, hee, hee,
All through the night.

The ghost in the castle goes boo, boo, boo //
The werewolf in the field goes howl, howl, howl //
The Frankenstein monster goes stomp, stomp, stomp //
The cat in the night goes meow, meow, meow
Source: King County Library System

Recorded Song: The Goldfish — Laurie Berkner Band (pre-K)

Recorded Song: Horns Fangs Knees & Claws — The Kiboomers (pre-K)

Recorded Song: Pumpkins Witches and Ghosts — The Learning Station (toddlers)

Book: Stumpkin by Lucy Ruth Cummins (pre-K)

Stumpkin doesn’t have a stem! But he’s round and orange … someone will want to take him home for Halloween, right?

Book: Mouse’s First Halloween by Lauren Thompson; illustrated by Buket Erdogan (toddlers)

Mouse finds out that Halloween is not so scary after all.

Goodbye Song: It’s Time To Say Goodbye to All Our Friends
It’s time to say goodbye to all our friends, (tap knees)
It’s time to say goodbye to all our friends,
It’s time to say goodbye …
Wave your hands and wink your eye!
Oh, it’s time to say goodbye to all our friends,
Goodbye! (wave)
Source: Sunflower Storytime

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