Alphabet Book

Letter Z

We did it!!!!!! Our zany, zealous Z!!

Letter Z.jpg

Can you tell I’ve designed 25 letters and it’s the holiday season and I was looking for simplicity? 😀 I got the idea here. Here are the Letter Z Instructions.

And here’s our table:

Letter Z table.jpg

So that’s our alphabet project. It’s been a great success but now I have to think of something equally wonderful to do next year …

Our temporary location is officially closing it’s doors on December 31st and we’ll be moving into the new building in January! A very happy new year to us indeed!

Alphabet Book

Letter Y

Our youthful, yummy Y!

Letter Y.jpg

I got the idea here. And our Letter Y instructions. And our table:

Letter Y table.jpg

One more letter left! I can’t believe this project is almost over. It’s been so much fun and such a success!

Alphabet Book

Letter X

Our xenial X! (Hey, you try finding an adjective that starts with X …)

Letter X

I got the idea here. Our Letter X Instructions and our letter X table:

Letter X table

Happy Thanksgiving to any fellow ‘Mericans!

thankful for libraries.jpg

Alphabet Book

Letter W

Our wonderful, wiggly letter W!

Letter W.jpg

X is going to be cut heavy so I went simple for letter W to save our hands. Here’s our Letter W Instructions. And our table:

Letter W table.jpg

I’m excited for this project to be complete because it’s been so much work but at the same time, it’s been incredibly popular so I’ll be sad to see it go. We’re not sure what we’re going to do next year. We’re moving to the new space, hopefully in January or February, so that doesn’t give us the weeks necessary to do a complete alphabet again.

Maybe we’ll do it with lowercase letters in 2019 when we’ve forgotten how much work it was!

Alphabet Book

Letter V

Our villainous V!

Letter V.jpg

He’s a lot of cutting for the next two weeks but he was so goofy I couldn’t resist! I got the idea here.

And here are our Letter V Instructions and our table:

V Table.jpg

Alphabet Book

Letter U

Our upbeat U!

Letter U.jpg

I got the idea here. Here are our Letter U Instructions. And our table:

Letter U table.jpg

Only five more to go!

Alphabet Book

Letter T

Our terrific T!

Letter T.jpg

At the start of this project I might have cut out tiny black triangles for tiger stripes but now … I think he’s quite fetching anyway. I got the idea here.

Here is our table for the next two weeks:

Letter T table.jpg

And our Letter T Instructions. I can’t believe we’re almost through with this project!!! Only six more to go …