Alphabet Book

Letter Q

Our quirky quail!

Letter Q.jpg

I feel like he’s the equivalent of “we’re almost at the end of summer reading.” He’s a bit drab and his feet, eyes, and crest are drawn on instead of cut out. I didn’t have it in me this week to get any more creative. And, you know, Q is a tough one. I based him on the quail found here.

Here’s our Letter Q Instructions and our table:

Letter Q table.jpg

I had my last story time of the summer this morning! Now we just have to get through one more coding program and the party and we’re officially done!

Alphabet Book

Letter O

Aaaand I’ve just realized I never added our O! Summer reading is turning my brain into mush.

Here’s our little fellow:

Letter O.jpg

Isn’t he fun? I love the curly tentacles. I was trying to think of an easy way to make octopuses (octopi?) without too much tentacle cutting and it turned out we had these paper strips already cut and just looking for the right project. Bingo! I got the idea to curl the tentacles here.

Here are our Letter O Instructions. And out table:

Letter O Table

Happy August everyone! Summer reading is almost over! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

librarian rosie