STEAM — Elephants & Engineering — ONLINE 2021 This week I did a super easy STEAM program. I started by reading Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing by April Jones Prince; illustrated by Francois Roca. Then the kids were challenged to build their own bridge for 21 elephants. They can use any materials they have at home: toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, paper/plastic…… Continue reading STEAM — Elephants & Engineering — ONLINE 2021

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STEAM — Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows ONLINE (2020) Doing a STEAM program online presented small challenges like making sure materials used were available to people at home or at least wouldn’t be too expensive to purchase, and how to do an experiment with kids that weren’t there! When you’re in person, you talk about the reactions taking place or the things they’re…… Continue reading STEAM — Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows ONLINE (2020)