Special Events

How It Works: Fairy Tales & Fables

I forgot to take pictures from this event!!! But I wanted to post a summary anyway.

First we read the fable, The Goose and the Golden Eggs.

Book: Aesop’s Fables by Jerry Pinkney

aesops fables.jpg

Then we “laid an egg” into a glass bottle! The bottle I used had a larger neck than this one and some of the eggs I made just fell in so, sadly, it wasn’t this impressive. BUT when it did work the kids were very impressed. In fact I had to use all four hard-boiled eggs I brought and the kids would have had me keep going if I’d been able to.

Next we read a passage from The Little Mermaid after I told them the original story was very different than the Disney version. I explained how instead of living happily ever after with her prince, she throws herself into the ocean and dissolves into bubbles.

Book: The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen; illustrated by Robyn Officer

the little mermaid.jpg

I made them unbreakable bubble solution to play with to go along with this story. More on that later.

Then I read them the summary of The Three Bill Goats Gruff that came with our problem-solving STEM kit from Lakeshore.

billy goats.jpg

I provided foam blocks and the Velcro blocks that came with the kit and told the kids to build a bridge high enough and safe enough for the goats to get over the troll. I had a great group of social kids and some of them ended up working together to make their bridge.

So … the “unbreakable” bubbles. I forgot the recipe for the unbreakable bubbles at work so I looked one up online. I found a couple that added glucose (instead of the rubber cement that was noted in my original recipe) and thought, what the heck, I’m sure they do the same thing, and added the 1 tablespoon the recipe listed. The solution had to sit for 12 hours which is why I made it ahead of time.

When I came in to work the next day I found the recipe in the forgotten book and it said to add HALF A TEASPOON of rubber cement. Quite different. Suffice it to say, the solution didn’t even make a bubble let alone a bubble that didn’t pop. *sigh* BUT I used the failure as a teachable moment for the kids that we don’t give up and if we make a mistake we press on and keep experimenting. I bought them some normal bubble solution at the dollar store and they had a blast blowing real bubbles. I also told them I’d remake the unbreakable solution for next month’s program (theme: water) so we’ll try it out again with the proper recipe in a couple weeks!

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