story time

Bug Story Time (2019)

Welcome Song: Clap and Sing Hello (to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell) We clap and sing hello, We clap and sing hello, With our friends at story time, We clap and sing hello! We tap and sing hello (tap knees) // We stretch and sing hello (stretch arms up) // We wave and sing hello (wave) Source: Storytime Katie Song: Bend and Stretch Bend and stretch, Reach for the stars, There goes Jupiter, There goes Mars! Bend and stretch, Reach for the sky, Stand on tip-e-toes, Oh so high! Source: King County Library System Action Rhyme: Story Time Stretch Two little hands go clap, clap, clap, Two little feet go tap, tap, tap, Two little fists go thump, thump, thump, Two little legs go jump, jump, jump, One little body turns around, And everyone sits quietly down. I got this rhyme from the children’s librarian where I did my practicum for grad school. Book: Bug Patrol by Denise Dowling Mortensen bug patrol.jpg Rhyming book about a police bug on patrol! Flannel: Five Little Ladybugs Five little ladybugs on our front door, One flew to mommy and now there are four. Four little ladybugs oh so wee, One flew to daddy and now there are three. Three little ladybugs saying, “howdy-do,” One flew to brother and now there are two. Two little ladybugs snoozing in the sun, One flew to sister and now there is one. One little ladybug alone on the door, He flew to me and no there are no more. Source: Perry Public Library Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider Itsy Bitsy Spider (sung normally) Teeny Weeny Spider (sung in falsetto) Great Big Hairy Spider (sung deeply) Book: I Like Bugs by Emma Dodd i love bugs Rhyming book about a little kid who loves all kinds of bugs. I love the large size of this book for story time! Wiggle Rhyme: Watch Out for the Bugs (to the tune of Jingle Bells) Clap your hands, stomp your feet Wiggle all around Throw your hands up in the air and now let’s touch the ground Touch your head, touch your hips, give yourself a hug Now sit down upon the floor But watch out for the bugs!! (stamp out the bugs) Egg Shakers: Shake It by Sally’s Music Circle Book: Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner bugs bugs bugs.jpg Very short book about different kinds of bugs. Better for baby and toddler story time but my pre-K story time tends to skew a bit younger and by the third book, they’re all ready for the train table. 🙂 Song: Roly Poly Roly poly, roly poly, Up and down, up and down, Roly, roly, poly, roly, roly, poly, Up and down, up and down. In and out // Fast and slow // Loud and soft Adapted from King County Library System Closing Song: Goodbye Song (to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell) My fingers wave goodbye, My fingers wave goodbye, When it’s time for me to go, My fingers wave goodbye! My fingers blow a kiss, My fingers blow a kiss, When it’s time for me to go, My fingers blow a kiss! I got this song from the children’s librarian where I did my grad school practicum.

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