Special Events

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

I was in charge of our stuffed animal sleepover last year and I had a blast! We put tags on each of the lovies that spent the night with us to identify the owner, the pet’s name, what they like to do and their favorite food.


The first thing our animals did was play at the train table:


After the train table, we played with blocks and puzzles:


Then we played on the computers and colored:


And had a bathroom break:


And a drink from the water fountain:


Then we picked out a library book to take home with us:

And Miss Elena read us a bedtime story:

We said goodnight:

nighty night.jpg

Or so Miss Elena thought … After she left we played in the book return:

And had fun with the photocopier:


And played poker with Mo, the library monkey:

I had so much fun setting up all of these photos.

The next day I presented a slideshow to the kids showing them how their animals had spent their night. Then I read them The Stuffed Animals Get Ready for Bed by Alison Inches; illustrated by Bryan Langdo, just like I read to their lovies in the pictures above.


I also took individual pictures of each animal along with the book they picked out and made a slide for each lovie telling everyone whose they were and their stats (favorite food/activity that the kids had provided for us on the tags).


I also have to make a special mention of Sparkle. Her owner included her bed and a note in case she got homesick. How cute is that?













So that was our sleepover! I think the kids really enjoyed everything and I loved taking the pictures. It was a lot of work but totally worth it!

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